Daniel2 Developer Information

If you want to integrate the Daniel2 codec into your own application, here is how you can get started.

Attention: At the moment Daniel2 is Windows only. Linux and Mac versions have not been released yet.

Code Samples on Github

We have some source code samples on Github already on how to use the Daniel2 codec (part of Cinecoder SDK). We will be continuously adding sample code and sample apps to the Github repository.

The link to Github is here:  

Binary of Cinecoder SDK on Nuget

The Daniel2 codec is a part of the Cinecoder SDK. The Cinecoder SDK binary is available on Nuget.

The link to Nuget is here:  https://www.nuget.org/packages/Cinecoder

Cinecoder SDK Documentation

The old fashioned way to learn about the Cinecoder SDK is reading its documentation. On page 333 the documentation about Daniel2 starts. 

The link to Cinegy Cinecoder SDK documentation is here:  https://www.daniel2.com/images/pdf/Cinegy-Cinecoder3-SDK-Doc.pdf


The Cinecoder SDK, or Daniel2 as a part of it, is not open source. If you want to use it in an application you want to publish, distribute or sell commercially you need to license it from us first.   

More details about licensing can be obtained by emailing daniel2@cinegy.com and/or by looking at the information in our forum.  

Daniel2 Samples on Github